Fresh air in the megapolis?

With our oxygen bar Oxygen bar it is possible!

The benefits of breathing in high oxygen concentrations are invaluable. In a matter of minutes, the body replenishes the lack of oxygen, which, alas, has become familiar to every resident of the metropolis. A splash of energy and health will be a pleasant addition.

How it works?

Oxygen bar is a self-contained bar-installation based on technology from Airheads (USA). Oxygen production is carried out by oxygen generators.

  • The system allows nitrogen to be separated from atmospheric air using a molecular filter.
  • Dry oxygen flows through the water for intense hydration.
  • A stream of concentrated oxygen is directed into a flask with water. When the device is turned on, bubbles form in the flask.
  • Oxygen is supplied through an additional tube to which disposable cannulas are connected for each guest.
  • A specialist will help you choose the essential oil, which, if you wish, is also added to the flask.
  • Essential oils have a wide range of beneficial properties for the body, immersing you in pleasant aromatic sensations.

For what?

Concentrated oxygen helps to strengthen the immune system, has a detoxifying effect on the circulatory system and gives the body the opportunity to rebuild.

Sessions at the Oxygen bar contribute to:

  • Increased concentration;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Reducing the manifestation of "hangover syndrome";
  • Increased energy;
  • Headache relief.

Oxygen bar is a pleasant option to replenish oxygen deficiency. The optimal session time is 15 minutes, which means that a visit to the Oxygen bar can be easily added to your usual schedule.

We are waiting for you in our space at 54 Frunzenskaya embankment daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

You can sign up for the session or find out the details by calling +7 (495) 367-00-77.

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