Naida Sharipova

Consultant of Chinese metaphysics, Certified instructor of Taoist practices of the Universal Tao system of Master Mantek Chia. Mentor of individual programs.


Consultant of the Chinese metaphysical traditions of Bazi Xuanming, Zi Wei Dou Shu, School of Blind Masters, instructor of Taoist practices.


International Centre of the School of Universal Tao Universal Tao Centre and Tao Garden in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

IATCA International Academy - Bazi Xuanming Traditions.

School of Taoist master Huang Li - teaching and consulting on YIZING - The Great Book of Changes. Study of eastern internal energy practices.

School of Taoist master Zhang Panfei. Teaching Zhong Gong Qigong technique.

Experience and achievements:

Zi Wei Dovshu - Toni Tan

Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy - Kepong

Zi Wey Feng Shui Academy Malaysia

School of the Blind Masters - Jin Pek

Institute for Harmonic Resonance Technology is taught by Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Johnson.

Form of work:

Naida individually advises and teaches in small groups various traditions of Chinese metaphysics, Taoist and Buddist practices, Tibetan Bon traditions, Buddhism.

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