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QuintesSense — a Center for Mindful Change.

Our center helps people to be productive and to keep the connection with their true selves, to have access to their inner resources and have the skills to manage them.

That means:

  • understanding feelings and emotions;
  • energy control;
  • the ability to direct the mind;
  • contact with the body.

We collect and integrate all the best that is in the world in the field of wellness and mindful change.

QuintesSense is a combination of innovative technologies with ancient practices.

The synergy of technologies and traditional methods helps to enhance wellness and provide mindful change as efficiently as possible.

QuintesSense features devices used in the best spas, yoga and meditation studios and stress relief centers in the US, Europe and Asia.

Russia, both geographically and culturally, is at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the QuintesSense concept was born in Moscow: we use both the most modern high-tech equipment from Skolkovo, Silicon Valley and Japan, as well as the Eastern practices helping to enhance wellness and mindful change.

Provide knowledge and tools to enhance wellness and mindful change, expand awareness, unleash the potential, contribute to the realization of dreams and destiny.
Centre services 11
We were able to successfully combine modern technology and ancient Eastern and Western practices.
Equipment 5
Our studio is in no way inferior in equipping the world's best spa, yoga studios, meditation and stress relief centres.
Equipment 35
The best devices based on innovative technologies.
At QuintesSense you will receive:
A Holistic Approach to Human Resource Health — Body, Mind and Spirit Health
Newest and unique devices
Convenience. Within one centre, you get an integrated approach to improve the resource state
Knowledge and tools that will help you stay in the resource even without our constant support
Access to the best specialists in the field of human resource control

Company details:

Frunzenskaya embankment, 54, Moscow, 119270
PSRN 1217700162393
ITN 9704058606

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