Bazi — the art of reading your Fate

Bazi is one of the ancient traditions of Chinese metaphysics. 8 hieroglyphs of Destiny or 4 pairs - 4 Pillars of Destiny! They will help to better understand your personality, character, talents, abilities, beliefs in and all the possible abilities by birth.


Each Pillar of Destiny is responsible for certain aspects of life, giving us the ability to control them:

Pillar of the Year

Our worldview, ancestors, health, connections, social circle.

Pillar of the month

Our parents, environment, work environment, efficiency, methodology and principles of life, opportunities, the most suitable specialties, based on talents and abilities, determine the strength of the chart elements, forming the climatic conditions of the chart that determine the quality of life.

Pillar of the day

Important answers to the questions: “And who exactly am I? My goals and results, character, what do I love? What is my strength, what do I think about it? " It is important to understand and to realize your dreams and purposes.

Pillar of the hour

Ideas, projects, ambitions, dreams, children, goals, the ability to create, aspirations and imagination.


Possible habits and programs are laid in the Pillars of Destiny, being aware of them gives us more opportunities to consciously manage our life, leading it in the direction that we choose. There will be an opportunity to understand yourself and your place in this world and the way to move on, to understand your loved ones, their talents and opportunities, which will give a more harmonious relationship with life around.



Every Monday 13:00 — 15:00
(group enrollment closed)

Enrollment in the evening group 19:00 — 21:00 from January 2021

Bazi course
2 hours
4 000 ₽
Jesia Vaitelska
Vedic astrologer, well-being specialist
Aleksander Mikhelev
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Mikhail Dmitriev
Психолог, специалист по телесно-медитативным и энергетическим практикам. Специалист по построению стратегии самореализации, по обучению управляемой коммуникации и диалогу.
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I would like to leave a review about the master Albina. Albina is really a professional in her field, tactful and very friendly. We immediately had a connection with her and literally as soon as she got down to work, the reason for my clamping in the body was found. I am very selective in terms of the choice of specialists, so I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful master!
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