Qigong is the ancient art of interacting with energy.

The word qigong consists of two characters. The first is Qi - the vital energy of the body. The second hieroglyph - Gong - is cultivation, work. Literally translated - "work with energy."

The energy that moves food through your digestive system, or the energy that mobilizes your immune system, or the energy that feeds your cells, is all chi energy.


Qigong practice

Qigong activates the flow of energy in the body to harmonize and restore the original level of energy at birth.

Classes include a variety of gentle breathing practices, flowing movements, and meditations. All together are necessary for concentration, finding calmness, creating a sense of well-being in the practitioner, while improving strength and flexibility.

Recovers from injuries

Relieves all types of stress

Improves concentration

Increases life expectancy


Level of preparation

Anyone can practice qigong, regardless of age, health, or fitness level.

The exercises are quite simple, they do not require special training and flexibility:

  • smooth flowy movements
  • body turns
  • slopes
  • rifts
  • squats
  • hand movements

Qigong works smoothly and delicately.

Group lesson
90 min
4 000 ₽
Individual lesson
90 min
7 000 ₽
Qigong massage
60 min
6 000 ₽
Jesia Vaitelska
Vedic astrologer, well-being specialist
Aleksander Mikhelev
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Konstantin Ageev
Специалист по Ушу, Цигун, каллиграфии.
Centre services 23
Combination of innovative technologies with ancient practices.
Equipment 5
QuintesSense features devices used in the best spas, yoga and meditation studios and corporate stress relief centres in the US, Europe and Asia.
Specialists 11
We have assembled a team of the strongest professionals in various fields of science and metaphysics.
Recently I visited Qsense for the sake of interest, I was very attracted by the cosmic lights inside! Passed card testing and tried the SomaDome capsule. I won't say that I strongly believed in this "before" story, but, as it turned out, the capsule really works. It is based on a whole scientific study. I don’t know about you, but the capsule helped me very quickly collect my thoughts and concentrate on finding a solution to the problem! I would especially like to emphasize that the staff of the establishment works perfectly and licks the client, which is extremely rare now! Yes, and also, everything is extremely clean, which bothered me most of all at the entrance!
Hello! I would very much like to share my feelings with you. I have visited a huge number of different massage therapists. Everyone is very different and I am convinced that such Albina is not easy to find. She came in a state of apathy, the body did not respond, just crawled and lay down. During the massage, through the body and the wonderful Albina, I received answers to the requests of the soul, before my eyes during the massage there were bright, sensual images. Of course, at the physical level, the whole body was worked out 🌝 I left the massage with ease in the body, bright thoughts, with great love and gratitude to myself😌 And of course Albina 🙏 I highly recommend everyone 🥰
I would like to leave a review about the master Albina. Albina is really a professional in her field, tactful and very friendly. We immediately had a connection with her and literally as soon as she got down to work, the reason for my clamping in the body was found. I am very selective in terms of the choice of specialists, so I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful master!
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