Detox session in the Iyashi Dome module

Modern detox procedure

IYASHI DOME is a joint development of Japan, Switzerland and Italy. The detox module generates powerful, but absolutely safe infrared radiation in a clearly defined spectrum, which is most effective for influencing the human body.


Modern detox

Modern residents of the metropolis are exposed to toxins and toxic substances every day: polluted air, water, toxic cosmetics and household chemicals, plastic used in the preparation and storage of food, food itself with preservatives and synthetic ingredients — all this surrounds us everywhere. Over the past hundred years, people have begun to use heavy metals and other toxins on an industrial scale. Once in the body, heavy metals accumulate in tissues and organs, which can lead to health problems.

Toxins are present to one degree or another in the body of every person and it is impossible to completely avoid them.

And the modern innovative detox module IYASHI DOME comes to our rescue — equipment for professional aesthetic, health-improving and restorative treatments aimed at removing heavy metals from the body.

The principle of operation of the detox module is the effect on the body with long-wave infrared radiation (from 5 to 20 microns) based on the B-Carbon technology used in the IYASHI Dome, which is absolutely safe, physiological and necessary for human life processes.

Another innovation of the equipment is a titanium-ceramic catalyst developed by Japanese scientists, which guarantees the safety of exposure and the elimination of toxic metabolic products.

The duration of the treatment is only 30 minutes, during this time up to 1200 kcal is burned

Infrared waves gently and evenly warm the body

The body temperature rises during the session to 38-39 °C

Toxins, fatigue and extra pounds go away

Immune and metabolic processes are activated

In one session, the body loses up to 1.5 liters of sweat


Effects after the treatment

1. Detoxification of the body

Toxins are toxic substances that our body accumulates in the process of life. Most of the toxins accumulate deep in the subcutaneous fat and are not excreted during normal functioning of the excretory system. The Iyashi Dome detox module acts on the sebaceous and endocrine glands, thereby breaking down fat and fatty acids in the subcutaneous tissue. This leads to the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from the body, such as: mercury, cadmium, lead, dioxin (a by-product of many industries, a carcinogen with a half-life of 10 years).

2. Natural weight loss

A session in IYASHI DOME is a passive cardio workout, during which the body loses up to 1500 kcal. During the treatment, an increased energy consumption of fat reserves occurs and active perspiration is stimulated. The release of toxins allows the body to work to its full potential. A well-functioning body independently normalizes weight.

Clinical studies show that after completing a course of 2 treatments for 8 weeks, there is a decrease in fat mass by up to 20%, a decrease in the size of clothes by 1-2 sizes, a decrease in weight to — 6 kilograms. These results are achieved without changing diet and physical activity.

3. Improving skin condition

IYASHI DOME improves peripheral circulation. Strengthens skin nutrition and oxygenation. With each procedure, the skin becomes more elastic, firm and hydrated.

Clinical studies show that after a course of 2 procedures for 4 weeks (without changing lifestyle and diet), the following changes occur:

  • increasing moisture content up to 112%;
  • increase in elasticity up to 60%;
  • reduction of unevenness up to 24%;
  • improved uniformity up to 33%;
  • reduction of wrinkles up to 18%;
  • increase in hemoglobin in the skin up to 72%.

4. Recovery and anti-stress:

The treatment relaxes muscle tissue, affects the parasympathetic system, increasing the production of endorphins.

1 session of IYASHI DOME will help you quickly recover from flights, high physical and mental stress. Regular treatments will improve sleep, accelerate tissue regeneration and significantly increase strength and energy.

The IYASHI DOME procedure is recommended for all residents of large cities and athletes of any level. The effect of IYASHI DOME enhances the flow of nutrients to tissues, accelerates the healing of injuries, relieves inflammation of muscles and joints. The use of the detox module is effective for gaining muscle mass and at the stage of fat burning.


Treatment process

  • it is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of water before the session;
  • during the treatment you are lying down covered with the dome (the head remains outside and is not exposed to heat);
  • our device IYASHI DOME has an oxygen supply system for the greatest comfort;
  • the duration of the session is 30 minutes;
  • it is recommended to drink 1 glass of water immediately after the treatment;
  • after the end of session and taking a shower, relaxation is recommended lying down on a horizontal or semi-horizontal surface for 15-30 minutes.

* The treatment has contraindications. Consultation of a specialist is required.

30 min
6 000 ₽
IYASHI DOME (with LED-face therapy)
30 min
8 000 ₽
8 sessions
33 000 ₽
Курс IYASHI DOME (with LED-face therapy)
8 sessions
44 000 ₽
Centre services 23
Combination of innovative technologies with ancient practices.
Equipment 5
QuintesSense features devices used in the best spas, yoga and meditation studios and corporate stress relief centres in the US, Europe and Asia.
Specialists 11
We have assembled a team of the strongest professionals in various fields of science and metaphysics.
Recently I visited Qsense for the sake of interest, I was very attracted by the cosmic lights inside! Passed card testing and tried the SomaDome capsule. I won't say that I strongly believed in this "before" story, but, as it turned out, the capsule really works. It is based on a whole scientific study. I don’t know about you, but the capsule helped me very quickly collect my thoughts and concentrate on finding a solution to the problem! I would especially like to emphasize that the staff of the establishment works perfectly and licks the client, which is extremely rare now! Yes, and also, everything is extremely clean, which bothered me most of all at the entrance!
Hello! I would very much like to share my feelings with you. I have visited a huge number of different massage therapists. Everyone is very different and I am convinced that such Albina is not easy to find. She came in a state of apathy, the body did not respond, just crawled and lay down. During the massage, through the body and the wonderful Albina, I received answers to the requests of the soul, before my eyes during the massage there were bright, sensual images. Of course, at the physical level, the whole body was worked out 🌝 I left the massage with ease in the body, bright thoughts, with great love and gratitude to myself😌 And of course Albina 🙏 I highly recommend everyone 🥰
I would like to leave a review about the master Albina. Albina is really a professional in her field, tactful and very friendly. We immediately had a connection with her and literally as soon as she got down to work, the reason for my clamping in the body was found. I am very selective in terms of the choice of specialists, so I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful master!
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