Diagnostics of the human energy-informational field Matrix Graphic Vision



Matrix graphic vision is a relatively new diagnostic method that has no analogues in the world

With the help of the program, you can get information about the energy-information matrix of the human biofield in a graphical (2D or 3D) form.

The program is a tool that helps to evaluate:

Graphical representation of the energy-information field in cross-section, in a grid and in a fill in 3D

The efficiency level of functioning of energy centers

Distortion of the energy information field

Physical, psychosomatic and energy state of the human body

The root cause of different problems in combination with psychoanalysis: general health, personal life, family, career, causes of depression, lack of energy


History of the creation of the program

The idea of creating the Matrix graphic vision program (Hardware and software diagnostic complex for screening adaptometry) belongs to the scientists Alexander and Olga Vlakhov, who have been actively studying the modeling of the personality energy system in the computer since 1995.

The program was constantly being improved and in 2003 the unique computer software - Matrix Graphic Vision was created. Initially, this program was specifically for professional use and was indispensable for medical and insurance companies that needed initial analysis of the general health condition.

Today, the program is used all over the world, and not only medical centres, but also world-renowned companies resort to its help to assess the general resource state of their employees.


How does the diagnostic process take place?

This acupuncture diagnosis is carried out by measuring 21 biologically active points on the hands. Each point corresponds to certain energy centers and its exact location and strength allows to obtain data on the change in energy field.

  • Then the specialist who conducts the session compares the levels of damage and the exact places of deformation of the biofield. As a result, you can get data on how deep the possible psychological or emotional destruction of the body.
  • On the screen, the program creates a human figure, surrounding it with a created transparent sphere — the current human biofield.
  • During the session, the specialist studies the density of the field, analyzes the shell for depressions or bulges — the main forms of deviation from the norm. In the area where the energy-informational field is most damaged, the body is most susceptible to the influence of harmful factors of the surrounding world.
  • The specialist also looks at the degree of functionality of each energy centre. The conclusion based on the results of adaptometry can be both detailed and general, but most often a person receives illustrative material where diagnostic results are available and understandable.
Diagnostics of the human energy-information field Matrix graphic vision
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