What is meditation?

Meditation. What is this state and how to understand whether we are in meditation or not? How is it to meditate, and what does a person feel at this moment? How do you learn to meditate? In our center, there are several options for immersion in a meditative state: from the Somadome capsule and to working with a meditation instructor.

Today we will tell you about the Somadome capsule. It is for those who want to experience a meditative state and recalibrate the mind to positive thoughts, enter a state of emotional and mental peace and activate the hidden reserves of the brain. The meditation capsule will be useful not only for "beginners", but also for advanced practitioners!

How it works?

Somadome is an innovative product that helps bring inner balance back to everyday life through three ingredients:

  • Chromo LED light therapy.
  • Binaural rhythmic impact.
  • Energy-restoring microcrystalline plates.

There are 20 guided and unguided meditations for different purposes.

Effects after the session

  • Helps to readjust the mind to positive thoughts.
  • Improve the mood, general well-being.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Stimulates creativity.
  • Improves performance and self-esteem.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Reduces anxiety.
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